Meet Asia’s youngest landing page expert – Yash Badgujar

Today we will talk about digital marketing and how Tekzop Technologies is one of the best examples to explain an aspect of the booming marketing industry. Most marketing and business growth coaches do not generally have an idea of how to scale a business. But the founder of Tekzop Technologies, Mr. Yash Badgujar, went through the trouble once for himself and then started helping others scale their businesses. His company, Tekzop Technologies, is a landing-page conversion rate optimization agency.

Tekzop Technologies started its journey back in 2017. And it has been working selflessly to improving its clients’ business strategies and selling the right products to the right clientele. Yash has been working in the industry for a long time now. What made him start was his passion for making effortless marketing possible. Most marketers today come out too strong on their customers and prospects. They then turn them down by forcing them to buy. This is not a way to do long-term and profitable business. They create landing pages with the application of all human psychology. The landing page comes out in a way that they don’t make customers feel that they are being sold. He believes that an extraordinary product or service along with the right perception in the customer’s eyes is the best way to build a highly profitable business in the long run. The fact that in 2021, marketing should seem to the consumers as effortless and seamless. Yash uses his experience with his numerous multi-million dollar clients from more than a dozen countries.

The most intriguing fact about Yash and his company is that he works on a trust basis, and he is not afraid to take risks. He ensures that the delivery is on time and the client feedbacks are a testimonial of his capabilities. Yash says,” I am clear on my terms. I do what I say and if I am unable to make it to the clients expectations I refund money (which has happened rarely). Tekzop is a renowned company today just because of the deep and true expertise I have about the google ads and landing page conversion rate optimization.” This level of confidence only comes with experience and knowledge that comes from past performances.

We are delighted to have interviewed Yash, and we hope that he will go further high in his career. We wish him and Tekzop all the best in their future endeavors.




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Brand Gridly — all in one news platform covering feature articles, lifestyle op-ed pieces and news from around the world.

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